4 Tips For Complete Tree Removal

Trees are an important part of our landscape, but sometimes, there is no option than to remove them. When it's time to remove a tree, you have to realize that this is a very demanding job that you must be prepared for.

Without proper preparation, the process of removing a tree can take an excessive amount of time or put peoples’ lives at risk. How can you ensure the process of removing a tree is carried out safely and efficiently?

Have the Right Tools

As with any other job, you should have the right tools with you when you set out to remove a tree or tree stump. Depending on the type, size and age of the tree, removing it can be a very heavy job. Without the right heavy duty equipment, removing such a tree may be a tall order.

In fact, removing a very large tree without the right tools is dangerous. Instead of hacking away with the wrong tools, see if you can rent the tools you need or hire a company that specializes in professional tree removal services, like R. L. Elliott Enterprises, Inc.

Don't Work Alone

When you're removing a very large tree, working as a group isn't just easier, it's also safer. Removing large trees requires a great deal of coordination. Working with heavy duty tools may also mean that you have limited visibility. When you're removing a large tree, you should always know everything that's happening around you. Therefore, you'll need someone to help you coordinate your movement.

Do the Work in Steps

There are many examples of people who've tried to yank out a tree stamp by hooking it to the back of a truck. The result is quite often a damaged vehicle. However, doing this isn't just hazardous to your truck, it's can also pose a danger to you.

When removing a tree, it's much safer to work by removing small parts of the tree a little at a time. This is usually done using a hacksaw or some other handheld tool.

Work Safely

Don't underestimate the need to use safety equipment when doing this work. Splinters, falling branches, broken cutting tools, dust etc., all pose a serious risk to your health. Many tools used for the job will throw bits of wood about and these can cause a serious injury. Ensure you're working with the recommended safety tools. Those doing the jobs should also have on high-visibility vests to be able to locate each other.

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