Simple Tips to Care for Your Bartlett Pear Tree

Yes, it does bear fruit, but the Bartlett pear tree offers other benefits for you and your home. This elegant tree grows rather quickly, increasing its height an estimated 24 inches each year. While easy to plant and grow, maintenance is key to ensure your Bartlett tree stands the test of time, providing pears to your family while increasing your home's appeal and value. This guide will help you care for your Bartlett pear tree.


After planting, your tree will need a good amount of water to grow and survive, especially if you live in hot or dry climates. Unfortunately, many homeowners reduce the amount of water they provide their trees (and other landscaping elements) a few days or weeks after planting.

In most cases, the Bartlett pear tree's roots will not grow very deep into the underlying soil. Therefore, the tree will not need as much water as other trees who do have a deep root system. However, you should water your tree thoroughly a few times a week if you do not have any rain in the forecast.

The type of soil also matters when determining how much water your tree needs. If the pear tree is planted in dry, sandy soil that is well-drained, water your tree more frequently.


Most experts believe the late part of winter is the best time to prune your Bartlett pear tree. Other than timing, one key rule you need to remember is that main stem of the tree should be taller than all of the other branches.

Use sharpened and clean pruning shears to trim off any branches that are connecting or crossing one another, discolored, diseased, or decaying. Make sure to trim hard and fast, creating clean cuts that do not damage the branches.

There are many reasons to trim your pear tree. In most cases, proper tree trimming of connecting branches will improve air circulation through the tree. This improved airflow reduces the amount of moisture lingering in the heart of the tree, which decreases the risk of fungal growth, infections, and diseases.

Ensuring your tree is healthy will also help the tree produce more fruit in the growing season.

Lastly, trimming helps shape your tree, creating the classic V shape of a Bartlett pear tree.


To strengthen your tree and increase the amount of fruit it produces, apply fertilizer in the spring season.

Use a slow-release fertilizer -- either in a granular form or a concentrate that is mixed with water -- that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These are key nutrients for the growth of your tree, but they also support the production of fruit that is healthy and prominent.

For fruit, shade, appeal, and value, the Bartlett pear is an excellent investment for your landscape design. This guide will help you grow and maintain this elegant tree. 

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