4 Mistakes To Avoid For Healthy Trees

Taking time to make your lawn look as attractive as possible is the key to improving the value of your property. It's a great idea to avoid doing the wrong things and work to ensure your trees are healthy. Of course, being aware of top mistakes that happen on a frequent basis is sure to be beneficial to you.

Mistake #1: Pruning too often

You may think you always need to prune your trees regardless of how these may look each day. However, pruning may not be as necessary as you think and could have a negative impact on the health of your trees. Be mindful of how much time you invest in doing this because it's likely you may be better off just letting your tree leaves and limbs grow rather than continually cutting these back on a routine basis. 

Mistake #2: Planting too close together

It's possible that you want to have a lot of trees in the same area. Doing this one thing can help you enjoy a more bountiful and healthy look in your front yard. However, it's not good for your trees to be planted too closely together because this could cause the roots to tangle and eventually destroy your trees.

Mistake #3: Overfertilizing too much

Of course, it's highly possible you may think that adding fertilizer to your tree is the key to improving the health and growth of it. However, it's entirely possible to have too much of a good thing, and this means you should avoid putting too much fertilizer in place.

Mistake #4: Wrapping the trunk

Do you think the trunk of your tree gets too much exposure to the sun and weather elements? This may be the case, but it's good for your trees rather than using a wrap around the trunk. One thing you can do is put a fence up to allow for better trunk protection year round, and this can be a much a safer and healthier option for you to enjoy.

The key to being able to enjoy a good looking lawn and working to make the most out of your efforts will start with knowing the wrong things to do with your trees. It's entirely possible to have healthier looking trees in your lawn when you know what to do. Be sure to work with a tree care provider in your area to make this possible!

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