4 Tips To Help Deal With Tree Hazards After Summer Storm Damage

When summer storms cause damage to property, the first thing that you are going to be concerned about are structures like homes and businesses. Trees are another problem that you will have to deal with after summer storm damage. You want to make sure that your property is safe and that storm damage to trees does not pose a hazard to people or property. Here are some tips to help deal with some of these tree hazards after summer storms have passed:

1. Dealing With Fallen Trees Or Branches That Have Damaged Property

Sometimes, trees or their branches have fallen on property during storms. In this situation, you will want to have the hazardous parts of the tree removed before repairs can be done. Have a professional tree service remove materials that are at risk of falling to ensure you can complete repairs safely. They may only remove part of the tree to allow for work to be done and then come back later to complete the removal of the damaged tree.

2. Evaluating Trees On Property For Signs Of Damage And Care Needs

The trees on your property may be damaged and nearly falling. After a storm has cause damage to other properties in your area, you will want to evaluate large trees on your property to decide if they need care. If the trees on your property have visible signs of damage, you will want to have them trimmed or removed to ensure there are no hazards.

3. Trimming Trees That Pose A Risk To Property Or People

Sometimes, the trees on your property may only need to be trimmed after a storm. This damage can often be visible, such as cracked or weakened branches. You want to have any branches that are heavy removed to ensure your property is safe. It is also important to have trees pruned every year to prevent new growth from getting out of control, which is something that a professional tree service can help you with.

4. Tree Removal For Trees That Are At Risk Of Falling On People Or Property

The trees that have been damaged by storms on your property may need to be completely removed. This is often due to problems like them being uprooted or severely damaged by wind. Often, if there is a lot of damage to the canopy of a tree, the best solution to deal with the damage is to have the tree completely removed.

These are some tips to help you deal with summer storm damage and tree hazards. If there are trees on your property that pose a threat to people or property, contact a professional tree care service to evaluate the situation and help with trimming or removal if needed. 

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