Why Trim Your Trees?

Trimming your trees is about more than just making your landscape look good. There are many benefits to having your trees pruned. Discover reasons why you should take care of your trees by investing in tree trimming.

Better fruit production

If any of your trees are fruit-bearing, trimming your trees is beneficial to making fruit production as successful as possible. The more branches a fruit tree has, the more fruit it will bear, and trying to nourish all the budding blossoms results in a tired, overworked tree and lackluster, tiny fruit.

Trim fruit trees by cutting out the inner layers of the branches to reveal open spaces inside. Trim branches that are hard to reach and also ones that are too low to the ground. Your fruit trees will create larger, tastier, and prettier fruit.

Healthier trees

Tree trimming allows you to remove dead, dying, or oddly placed branches to increase tree health. Every tree species has a natural shape and trimming trees allows branching structures to remain strong and healthy.

Any rotting, decayed, diseased, or otherwise damaged tree branch will affect the overall appearance and health of your trees, so remove these branches. A dead or dying branch is identified by color, how easy a branch is to snap, and dead leaves coming off the branch.

Safer property

A branch falling on your house, car, or in your yard is a danger. You don't want to put your family (and home) at risk of accidental tree damage in the event of a storm, high winds, or a broken branch that simply falls.

Tree trimming keeps your property safe. Even if all your trees are entirely healthy and sound, remove branches that hang over your house, driveway, or over entertainment areas (such as an open patio or a swimming pool). Your tree trimming expert will assess your home's trees to determine what type of trimming needs to be done.

It's best to hire a professional to trim your property's trees. Tree trimming is a skill and you can accidentally over-cut your trees to result in an uneven appearance in your landscape. You can trim your trees any time of year, although many people choose to prune their trees in the early spring or early fall. Talk to a company like Silver Leaf Tree Service to see what type of tree trimming will work best for your needs and to schedule an appointment for services.

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