Want To Green Up Your Outdoor Entertainment Area? A Patio Tree Might Be The Perfect Fit

Whether you have a small yard or just want to add some beautiful greenery to your patio as a background, patio trees are a good way to get the best of all worlds. They provide interest and a natural look to any outdoor entertainment area while also keeping things neat and trim. 

What are patio trees? And how can you choose the right ones? Here are a few answers.

Patio Trees

As their name suggests, patio trees are trees that are designed to fit on your patio. They are usually small enough to plant in large containers so that they can be kept neatly pruned and not take over the hardscape area. Patio trees can be any variety you choose, but certain species work better than others in this contained environment. 

But they aren't limited just to a patio. You can place patio trees around a pool for easy maintenance, on a balcony to provide color without sacrificing a view, around your hot tub or outdoor entertainment zone, or even strategically in your overall landscape plan to take advantage of their formality or easy mobility. Also, be sure to consult a tree care company like DeClue & Sons Tree Care, Inc. if you have any concerns about the maintenance required for your trees.

Finding the Right Fit

So, what should you look for in your new patio tree? First of all, select a tree that doesn't grow too large or too quickly. Otherwise, you'll find yourself having to plant it elsewhere and starting over for your patio area. Many homeowners find that dwarf versions of their favorite full-size backyard trees work well. The flowers and fruit are generally of a similar size but the trunk and branches are much smaller. Many citrus and apple trees make great container plantings. 

Think, too, about the look you're going for. Do you want a manicured, topiary look? Then you may want to use a large hedge, such as boxwood or arborvitae, or a small evergreen tree that can easily be shaped. Do you want a tropical feeling? Then try a palm tree or banana plant in your containers. Will your tree be in a tight space? Then focus on a columnar dwarf tree, including the crabapple, pear, or juniper. You can customize your tree choice to fit any outdoor lifestyle. 

Finally, since the tree is often placed near outdoor lounge areas, be careful about cleanup. Look for a tree that doesn't drop a lot of leaves or fruit, that doesn't leave sap, and that is otherwise low-maintenance. Make sure it's hardy enough to thrive around pedestrian traffic and in a mobile container if it needs to be moved inside during winter.

Are you ready to find a tree to complete your outdoor hardscape area? Then make a visit to your nearest tree care expert and check out all the possibilities opened up by patio trees. 

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