Considerations For Removing Trees When You're Going To Install A Swimming Pool

If you're planning to put a swimming pool in your backyard and there are several trees growing there, you'll have to decide which trees have to go and which ones you want to keep. A tree removal company can take them all out, but you might want to save money and keep a few trees since they can provide shade. Here's a look at removing trees when you're going to install a pool.

Mark The Pool Area

First, mark the area where you'll install the pool and mark the area surrounding it that will be the deck. This gives you a good idea of how the trees will impact the installation of the pool and the amount of maintenance you'll need to do cleaning up leaves. Trees that are where the pool or deck need to go must be removed.

You'll also need to leave several feet of clearance between the trees you want to save and the edge of the deck or pool. You probably don't want any trees to overhang the pool or you'll be cleaning up leaves and tree litter all the time.

Watch The Sun

Another reason to mark the pool space on the ground is so you can watch how the sun crosses the pool during different seasons. Ideally, you'll plan the installation of your pool far enough in advance that you can see how much sun the pool gets in winter and summer.

You may want to remove trees that block the sun in the winter so your pool can take advantage of solar heating if you plan to use the pool during the fall, winter, or early spring months. On the other hand, shade could be welcome in the summer so you can swim while being protected from the sun.

Consult A Tree Professional

Get advice from a tree removal professional when you're unsure if you should save a tree or remove it. Some things you'll want to consider include how digging close to the tree will impact the tree's roots and health, how the roots will grow in the future and impact the pool, and how building up the soil for pool drainage will affect the health of the tree.

If there's a question about whether a tree's health will be impacted by the installation of a pool or if there's concern the tree will bother the pool in several years, then you may want to have the tree removed before the pool is installed. Tree removal could be more difficult and more costly if the removal crew has to work around the pool to remove a tree at some point in the future. Consult a tree removal company like Good Morrow before you make any decisions to see what they would recommend.

Another thing you'll want to discuss with the tree removal company is stump removal. Grinding down stumps to remove them from view is desirable for trees that surround the pool area. However, stumps and roots need to be removed completely if they're in the area where the pool or deck will be installed.

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