How To Plant And Grow Trees On A Rocky Area

Trees can grow in all sorts of soils, but it is also true that some soils are more challenging for plant life than others. For example, growing a tree in a rocky place isn't an easy thing. Here are a few tips to help you grow a tree to maturity in your rocky yard:

Choose the Right Species

The first thing you should know is that there are trees suitable for almost all kinds of soils so you just have to choose the right one. You need to plant a tree that can survive with moderate water and doesn't need too much nutrient to thrive because such conditions are common in rocky areas. Something like the Desert Willow, for example, can grow even in the rockiest of places. You may be able to coax many other types of trees to grow in a rocky area, but you will have better luck if you choose a tree that fits the environment in the first place.

Remove Large Rocks in the Planting Area

When digging the planting hole, dig a deeper and wider hole than normal if the location is rocky. This will enable you to remove most of the large rocks from the planting area, which is necessary for your tree to survive. This is because tree roots can't penetrate rocks and the rocks don't hold water or air either. Removing them in the vicinity of the tree rots improves the soil profile for your upcoming tree.

Use Adequate Compost

In many cases, rocky areas also lack nutrients for plants. One reason, as mentioned above, is because a rock is just a strong mass of inorganic matter and there is no way tree roots can penetrate it and absorb its nutrients. Another reason is that rocky areas don't hold water very well, and the water that seeps down the ground takes most of the nutrients with it.

Don't Skip Watering

Lastly, you should ensure you water your tree regularly if it is growing in a rocky area. This is particularly necessary f the tree is still young. Don't forget that most of the water will be seeping deep into the soil so it needs to be replenished regularly. It may also be necessary to reapply the compost or mulch at regular intervals.

Ordinarily, you may be able to plant and take care of a tree as a DIY affair, but there are also cases that call for a professional like Phoenix Tree Service for their input. Planting a tree in a rocky place is one of those cases where you need a tree professional to help you grow your tree.

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