How To Make Your Home Excavation More Eco-Friendly

When you are concerned about the environment, you might be reluctant to construct a new home. However, depending on how your home is excavated, you may end up with a property that is better for the environment than the other homes on the market. If you must live in a particular area and there are no suitable homes available, your only option may be to dig.

Beware of Pipelines

Excavation must always be performed carefully because an improper excavation could potentially lead to a pipeline becoming damaged. This can lead to a multitude of problems including negative environmental effects. Something as simple as building a pool or a fence can lead to pipeline damage. 

The best way to reduce the risk of damaging pipelines is to engage in white lining and to use pipeline markers. Always make sure to call utility companies before you dig. Yellow is used to identify pipelines that are carrying natural gas or hazardous liquids. You can find a pipeline marker in the area where the pipeline intersects with the street. 

You are required by law to call 811 within 48 hours of digging. Your state might have more specific laws regarding when you should dig. For this reason, it's a good idea to work with excavation services

When a pipeline has become damaged, you should contact the authorities. There are programs in place for handling these problems. Do not attempt to cover the pipeline because this will make it more difficult for authorities to find the damaged section of the pipe. Fortunately, most areas have a 24-hour line that can be contacted to report a broken pipeline.

Construct a Home of a Reasonable Size

To reduce the impact that excavation has on the environment, construct a house that is a reasonable size. Not only will this reduce the amount of excavation that you must perform, but it will also require fewer materials to build your home. Your house will require less energy to heat and cool. You will also have less to clean.

Hire Professionals to Clean up Contaminated Soil

After your property has been excavated, you will need to perform an environmental cleanup. If for whatever reason, your property has contaminated soil, the excavator may need to remove the contaminated soil to help the environment. Never try to handle the environmental cleanup yourself, but instead, make sure to hire an excavation service that is experienced with these matters. 

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