How To Reduce Storm Damage To Your Trees

A strong storm can cause devastating damage to your trees. Therefore, before the storm season commences, you should take measures to reduce the extent of the damage the storm may have on your trees. Here are a few measures that will help:

Prune or Trim the Necessary Trees

One of the first things you need to do is to analyze the trees on your property and identify the ones that need pruning. Some of the trees that may need pruning include trees with dense foliage and trees with v-shaped trunks. Here are some of the ways in which pruning may help your trees increase their wind-resistance:

  • Pruning decreases the surface area of the tree that the wind can act upon; in short, the wind will just pass through the spaces left by the branches removed during pruning
  • Pruning reduces the number of branches materials that may split to break during the storm by removing the weak branches

Note that pruning should be professionally done by a company such as Big Tree Nursery, because a bad pruning is worse than no pruning since it weakens the tree further.

Cable the Relevant Branches

You don't have to remove every branch that looks susceptible to wind damage during pruning; some of the limbs can be saved. For example, a tree professional can use cables to secure the weak branches. The secured branches will then become more stable and less likely to break or split during a storm.

Encourage Strong Root Growth

It's not just tree branches and trunks that determine whether a tree can survive a storm; the strength and health of the roots also matter a great deal. This is because it is the roots that hold or anchor the tree firmly into the ground, and the tree can easily topple if the roots are weak. Therefore, ensure the roots are strong by:

  • Watering the tree as necessary
  • Avoiding construction activities near the base of the tree
  • Avoiding excavations near the base of the tree
  • Fertilizing the tree if necessary

Remove Trees Nearing or Past Their Life Expectancy

Lastly, it may also make sense to remove weak trees that are near or past their life expectancy. An old tree with dying branches is less likely to survive a storm as compared to an old tree with strong and healthy branches. This is particularly true if the first old tree was expected to last 50 years and it is near or past that age.

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