Tree Care Guide To Keep Homes And Structures Safe In Severe Weather

Severe weather during any season can cause damage to your home. Often, the cause of the damage comes from trees and utility lines that are close to your home. Therefore, good tree care is essential to ensure your home makes it through a storm without any major damage that will need to be repaired. Some of the tree care that needs to be done to keep your home safe includes pruning, dealing with emergency trimming and keeping dangerous trees a safe distance from your home and other structures.

Keeping Trees Trimmed to Reduce Roof Wear and Prevent Storm Damage

Trees with large canopies can provide valuable shade in hot weather but can also be the cause of wear and storm damage on your roof. Make sure to routinely trim trees to keep canopies thin, which will allow enough sunlight through to reduce problems like moss growth. Removing large branches will also help to reduce the risk of branches falling and causing damage to your roof.

Trim Tree Branches A Safe Distance Away from Utility Lines to Reduce Hazards

Trees and utility lines are a bad combination that can cause hazards during storms or when doing routine maintenance. You want to make sure that you cut branches back a safe distance from utility installations to prevent damage and reduce hazards. If you notice damage to utilities from trees after a storm, you will want to contact the utility company or a professional tree service for help dealing with the issues.

Dealing with Emergency Care and Trimming to Prevent Damage and Save Trees

There is also emergency care and trimming that may need to be done after a storm. The damaged branches of trees cause them to be vulnerable to more damage, insects or disease. To ensure trees stay healthy, you will want to do emergency trimming and remove any branches that have been damaged in high winds or severe storms.

The Hazards of Certain Tree Species and Keeping Them A Safe Distance from Structures

Species of trees like pines and other evergreens may be an attractive addition to the landscape, but they can be dangerous when they are too close to your home. Talk with a professional tree service about trees in your landscaping and removal of pines and other species that are at risk of falling on your home and causing damage to personal property.

Knowing how to care for your trees will help prevent hazards and damage during severe weather. If you have trees around your home that need trimming or removal, contact a professional tree care service, like The Tree Lady Company, and talk to them about the needs of your home. 

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