A Few Options For Getting Unsightly Tree Stumps Out Of Your Yard

While some people might like the idea of having a few tree stumps in their yard to create a more natural look and feel, not everyone does. If you are one of those who prefers a pristine lawn, you may find it necessary to get rid of a tree stump or two over time. Luckily, there are a few methods you can use to take care of the problem. Be forewarned that these options may be physically difficult, dangerous, or take time to see any results. Of course, you can always contact a tree company and ask if they perform stump removal services if the following methods do not appeal to you.


One of the most common ways to get rid of a stump is to rent a grinder and just grind it down to ground level. Renting a grinder is not too expensive, but the money would be better spent if you have more than one stump to get rid of. Using the grinder is going to take some physical strength as it is a heavy piece of equipment. If you are able to operate the machine, you may find yourself very tired and possibly sore after taking care of things. 


When you can't use a grinder, you have the option of using chemicals to destroy the stump from the inside out. You will drill a few holes in the top of the stump and then pour the tree-killing chemicals in the holes. You will need to wait a month or more for the stump to become very soft and juicy. You can then use a shovel or pick axe to tear the stump apart and pull it from the ground. 


It is also possible to drill holes and pour a flammable substance into them. You will then place a spare piece of wood over the holes and light it. The fire will spread down into the holes and burn the stump. 

While these options can all be done by the average person, they are not always something you will feel comfortable completing. Chemicals can seep into the ground and may cause damage to other plant life if you are not careful. Burning can also get out of hand and if you are not careful could end up with a fire traveling under the ground that could pop up anywhere. Unless you are absolutely sure you can take care of the stumps yourself, it is probably better to contact a professional. 

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