5 Things To Know About Tree Removal

If you have a dead, dangerous, or troublesome tree on your property, then removal may be necessary. The process is relatively straightforward but there are a few things to know.

1. Height Affects Removal Method

Taller trees may require a more involved removal than a shorter one. This is because height equates to a higher risk of the tree falling on a building or in another undesired area. The risk increases if the tree is in close proximity to homes or roads. When height is an issue, the tree service may need to use rigging and pulleys so they can bring down the tree in sections. Each section will be secured and lowered safely to the ground.

2. Utilities May Require Notification

Certain utilities may require notification for safety reasons. Power companies are the most often notified since trees frequently grow near power lines. You may also need to contact water or gas companies if there are underground lines on your property. The public works department may also require notification, particularly if a road or sidewalk closure is necessary during removal.

3. A Permit May Be Required

Permitting requirements vary greatly depending on the municipality. In some areas, permits are only necessary when removing trees over a certain size or those located near public right of ways, such as a road or sidewalk. In others, a permit may be required for any tree removal. Your tree removal service will typically secure any necessary permits before removal is scheduled to begin. 

4. Clean Up Is Typically Included

Don't be concerned about branches, twigs, and leaves being left behind. The tree service will cart away large debris and chip smaller twigs and branches. They will then dispose of it properly so you don't have to worry about it, as this is typically included in the cost of service. In some cases, you can request that some of the chips be left behind if you would like to use them as mulch.

5. Stumps Are an Additional Service

Stumps aren't always included in a removal quote, as they aren't considered part of the main tree removal or the cleanup process. If you want the service to remove the stump, make sure you specify this at the time of scheduling so that it can be included in your quote. Most removal services use a grinder to grind out the stump.

Contact a tree removal service if you need to remove a tree on your property.

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