4 Signs You Need To Remove That Tree Right Away

Trees can greatly enhance the beauty of your property. However, they can threaten the beauty of your property as well if they become diseased, infested with pests, or simply decline with age. It is essential to be aware of the signs that a tree is in distress and needs to be removed immediately to protect your property.


You should be familiar with how your trees are positioned on your property. Not all trees are naturally straight. However, the angle of it shouldn't really change once it is established.

If you notice that a tree on your property is starting to lean, that is not a good sign. That means that the integrity has been compromised somewhere along the way. In that case, you will want to have it removed before it stops leaning and falls all the way down.

Root Damage

It is essential to pay attention to your tree's root system since the roots ancho it in place. If you notice that a tree starts to have damaged or decaying roots, you will want to have it removed right away. If the root system isn't strong, there is a strong chance that it will eventually fall down. Protect yourself by having a tree service remove the tree before this can happen.

Dead Branches

When you look at your trees, all of the branches should be alive. You should see new growth and leaves on all of the branches. If you notice that there are any dead branches, you will want to get someone to at least cut down the branches since they could fall at any time and cause property damage. You are also going to want to have the tree's overall health looked at; if branches are dying, the tree may be dying too, and the whole thing may need to be removed to keep your home safe.

Sprouts Appear

Sprouts are basically small plants that come out of a tree. They come out near the base of the tree. Sprouts usually appear when a tree isn't doing well. Sprouts steal resources from the tree, further compromising the integrity of the tree. If you have a tree that has sprouts growing on it, you need to remove the sprouts and see if the tree needs to be removed as well.

A leaning tree, root damage, dead branches, and sprouts are all signs that a tree isn't in good health and needs to be removed for the safety of your property by a professional tree company. Contact a tree and stump removal service to learn more.

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