3 Different Ways To Clear Your Land

If you have land that you need to clear to build or develop the land, you will need to decide what type of land clearing process you want to use.

1. Cut and Grind

One of the most popular ways to clear a small amount of trees is by using the cut and grind method. With this method, all the brush and weeds are cleared first. They are cleared using various tools, such as a root plow, depending on the size of the lot and the amount of brush that needs to be cleared.

After the brush is cleared, then the trees are taken down. They are taken down and stacked up together so that they can be easily moved and dealt with. Once all the trees are down, the stumps are then pulled out. Generally, the stumps are removed using large equipment such as a backhoe or bulldozer that can pull them out. Or, the stumps can be ground up, turning them into mulch.

2. Pulling

Another method for removing trees to clear your land is pulling. With pulling, you chain down the trees you want to remove, and then you attach the chains to a tractor, and the tractor pulls the chains out. This tends to work better with smaller trees. With trees of a certain size, pulling would not work. A tractor can pull out a lot of trees, but not all trees.

This method can work well on medium-sized or smaller plots of land that need to be cleared.

3. Pile and Burn

You could use the pile and burn method. With the pile and burn, you use a large piece of equipment, such as a skid steer, to pull out and remove the trees and brush. As you pull out the trees and brush, it is all stacked into a big pile. Then, you can burn everything in a pile.

With this method, you have to ensure that the material will burn. If the material is wet or has a lot of dirt on it, it will not burn. Also, not all plants should be burned, as some of the fumes can be toxic. Additionally, you can only do a controlled burn during certain times of the year.

This is a very affordable method, but it has to be done just right to ensure that everything is done in a safe manner.

If you need to clear a plot of land, you will want to talk to a land clearing or tree cutting operation and see what type of method they think is best for clearing all the brush and trees from your property.  

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