Signs Your Trees Need A Good Pruning

If your trees are looking a bit dull and lifeless, it's about time you have them pruned. Tree trimming should rejuvenate your trees and also make them healthy. All in all, you can't prune your trees every time you feel like it. Here are the signs that should help you figure out when to trim your trees. 


Are the trees outside your house not allowing any sunlight to pass through? Well, that should tell you that the branch density is quite high. Trees with so many branches could present problems during storms and heavy rainfall. The heavy branches can easily break off when exposed to bad weather conditions. As long as you can't see through the thick branches, don't hesitate to call a tree trimming service. 

Broken Branches

Overgrown and loosely hanging branches are more likely to break during storms. So, if you notice broken branches on your trees after a storm, consider calling a tree trimming company. Broken or loosely hanging branches will make your trees ugly and even cause accidents. That said, have your trees pruned once you notice any damaged limbs.

Misshapen Trees

If your trees' shapes are all over the place, chances are they haven't been pruned in months or years. Trees will lose shape due to broken limbs, high branch density, and overgrown branches. So, if you notice that your trees are starting to look ugly and lose their structural integrity, call a tree trimming service.

Dead/Diseased Limbs

You can tell that you need a tree pruning service if your trees have so many dead or diseased limbs. As you well know, diseases start slow, and most of the time, they will attack limbs and spread to the rest of the tree. So, if you notice some branches looking sickly or weak, call a tree care company to prune your trees and control the spread. 

Apart from diseased limbs, you need to watch out for dead branches. Luckily, identifying dead branches is pretty easy as they won't have any leaves, and they will be completely dry. 

Branches Touching Power Lines and Buildings

Another sign that your trees haven't been pruned in a long time is when they start touching power lines or buildings. You see, such trees can easily start electrical fires or even electrocute kids. Besides, you don't want branches causing damage to your roof or building. Hence, you should act fast as soon as you notice branches posing a safety hazard.

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