Everything Responsible Homeowners Need to Know About Tree Removal

As a responsible homeowner, you may find yourself in need of tree removal services at some point. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know much about the tree removal process. This guide will help you understand the process and what to expect.

How do you know when a tree is dead?

A tree is considered dead when it no longer has living leaves. It may still have a trunk and branches, but it will be devoid of any green foliage. Dead trees can be a hazard to your home and property, and they should be removed as soon as possible.

There are a few ways to tell if a tree is dead. One way is to look for signs of decay, such as mushrooms or other fungi growing on the trunk or branches. If the tree is shedding large amounts of bark, it may also be a sign that the tree is dying.

If you're not sure whether or not a tree is dead, you can always contact a tree removal company for help. They will be able to assess the tree and give you a professional opinion.

How do you know when a tree is dangerous?

A tree is considered dangerous when it poses a threat to people or property. This can be because the tree is leaning precariously, sways excessively in the wind, or just has excessive signs of decay or damage.

If you think a tree might be dangerous, it's important to have it assessed by a tree removal professional. They will be able to determine whether or not the tree needs to be removed.

Why is tree removal so important?

Dead trees can be a hazard to your home and property for a few reasons. Not only can they fall over and cause damage to your house or any other structures on your property, but they can also attract pests like termites and carpenter ants which can cause further damage to your home.

Additionally, dead trees can be a fire hazard. If the tree is close to your house or any other building on your property, it could easily catch fire and spread to those structures.

Does tree removal typically include the stump?

No, tree removal typically does not include the stump. This is because stumps can be removed separately through a process called stump grinding. Stump grinding is typically done by a tree removal company and involves using a machine to grind the stump down into small pieces.

While stump grinding is not typically included in tree removal, you can request that it be included in your estimate.

If you have a dead or dangerous tree on your property, it's important to have it removed as soon as possible. Contact a tree removal company for a free estimate.

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