Top 4 Things That May Prompt You To Call A Tree Removal Service

There are different reasons why many homeowners choose to add or keep existing trees in their homes. It could be that it helps improve the curb appeal, adds shade, or for privacy reasons. Regardless of the reasons for planting your trees, they'll come a time when you'll need to remove them. If you're unsure whether you should seek tree removal services, this guide should help determine whether tree removal may be necessary.

Your Tree Has Experienced Significant Damage

Different things can cause your tree to become severely damaged. One of the issues that may cause significant damage is a severe storm. Strong winds can make your trees lean on one side. If your tree branches constantly fall off or the trunk shows signs of damage, your tree poses a huge risk to your property. All these signs are warning indicators you should seek the help of a professional arborist.

Planting The Tree Incorrectly or They're In The Construction Path 

When planting your trees, it's crucial to ensure that you adhere to correct spacing. If you plant them too close together, they'll look unsightly and pose safety issues in your home. For instance, there will be overcrowding, and you'll have plenty of loose branches that will ultimately cause significant damage to your vehicle or roof. Additionally, if you're undertaking a new construction project or planning to expand some of the structures in your home, you may need to remove some trees. This is the case if they lie in your construction path.

Your Tree Is Close To The Power Line

If you have trees growing close to your power line, it's advisable to remove them. Many homeowners assume only branches close to the power line should be removed. While this may help avoid issues with power interruption, this issue may be short-lived. You may end up experiencing a severe storm that can cause your tree to fall on the tree line. Seeking tree removal can help address such an eventuality.

Helps Address Disease and Pest Problems

If you have been experiencing a persistent pest problem in your home, chances are that it could be arising from your tree. This is the case If you have tree branches close to your home's roof. Such branches create a path for termites and rats to enter your home. That being the case, removing your tree may be the only way to address the pest problem in your home permanently.

Knowing the right time to remove your tree may be challenging, but the few ideas shared in this guide should help you have a good idea. It's also crucial that you seek the help of a tree removal service such as The Dreyers Tree Service LLC.

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