4 Guidelines For Successful Tree Felling Preparation

Tree removal involves more than just working the tools and toppling the tree. You need to prepare adequately to avoid mistakes that may cause fatalities and devastating injuries. If this is your first time cutting a tree, you may not be aware of what to do to ensure the process goes smoothly. This guide outlines some important steps to take before your tree removal can begin:

Protect Anything Situated Close to the Tree

Before setting about removing your tree, clear the area where your tree is supposed to fall. You must exercise caution because, without adequate preparation, the falling tree can take other trees and plants down with it. Readiness involves removing potted plants, lighting, patio furniture, nearby shrubs, and other property. Fortunately, you can speak to your tree felling expert about taking care of the preparation themselves to ensure your property is protected.

Ascertain the Tree's Height and Felling Direction

Before felling your tree, speak to an arborist to help determine its height. This step ensures that the tree doesn't cause damage to your property or the power line as it falls. The professional will also assess the wind direction and tree branches' abundance to ensure that the tree falls in the intended location.

Ensure That You Have a Staging Area

It can be challenging to assess your tree and estimate the amount of space it will occupy after it falls to the ground. This is why you should prepare a sufficient staging area. To start with, clear a space where the tree removal contractors can park their vehicle, place branches after cutting, and move the tree to the chipper. Depending on your tree's condition, location, and size, the specialists may need space for heavy equipment, such as a stump grinder, wood chipper, and bucket truck.

Inform Your Neighbors About Your Tree Removal

Before removing your tree, let your neighbors know that professionals will be coming to perform the task. It is best to do this a few days before the arborists arrive. This will help open up a discussion to assure them that felling your tree will not cause damage to their property, trees, or nearby structures. Furthermore, if you share a parking space or driveway, your neighbors can remove their cars and other items in preparation for the exercise.

Tree removal preparation is key to ensuring that you complete the process safely and efficiently. It's also important to hire the services of an experienced tree removal professional to avoid errors that could cause serious injuries.

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