4 Signs Your Tree Is Dying And Needs Removal

If you need to have tree removal done, call a professional tree specialist. They're the ones who can safely do tree removal without damaging your home, landscape, other trees, or even people, and can get your trees removed clean down to the roots. If you don't need trees removed but you do need them trimmed, then your tree removal specialist can also do tree trimming.

Here are four signs your tree is dying and needs removal. It's best to remove a tree before it dies completely and becomes brittle and a potential danger to your home or people.

Your tree won't shed its leaves

With the exception of an evergreen tree, your trees should shed their leaves every late summer to early winter. It's part of a tree's natural process and will help the tree continue to grow with time. If your trees are not losing their leaves at the end of the year, they are likely dying or already dead and need to have tree removal done on them.

Your tree has lots of bald and missing branches

A tree that is missing lots of branches or has bald areas is a tree that is likely not very healthy. No matter what you decide to do regarding tree removal, you should at the very least consider having the tree inspected for parasites or other illnesses. A tree that is infected can infect neighboring trees and become a danger to the yard. Have these trees removed as soon as you can if they are a nuisance.

Your tree looks ill and sagging

Are leaves starting to curl and turn brown before their time? Do branches hang low and look like they are wilting? Your tree may simply need to be trimmed and watered, or it may be dying and need to have tree removal done on it before it dies completely and starts to become a danger in your yard.

Your tree is breaking branches off all the time

A healthy and living branch should be flexible because it has water in it. A tree that has dead or dying branches will lose them easily as they will snap and break with little provocation. These branches can harm your home, family, and structural property. Have these trees removed by a tree removal specialist before it's too late and the tree starts to lose heavier, more dangerous branches. You'll get an estimate for services before your tree specialist begins work on your trees.

Reach out to a company like Custom Tree Surgeons to learn more.

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