Own A Commercial Business? 2 Tips To Keep The Trees Healthy

If you own a commercial business and have trees on the property, you need to keep the trees in good condition. This is important as trees are not only beneficial but add to the aesthetics of your property. Keep reading for two tips on how you can do this. 

Keep Them Trimmed 

Your trees need to be trimmed when they start looking out of shape. Trimming the trees will also keep them healthier. Over time branches can become twisted and the canopy will become full. Some trees grow thicker on one side than the other which can cause a tree to lean over time. Twisted branches will die and fall. A thick canopy can kill a tree eventually as the water gets stuck in the thick leaves instead of falling through the trees. 

A tree trimming service will first inspect the trees to determine what needs to be trimmed. They will consider the branches that need to be removed, how they need to shape the tree and more. Consider having the trees trimmed when you are closed if you have large trees. It will take much larger equipment to get to the top of trees and this trimming can make a lot of noise.

Ask the tree trimming contractor how often you should have your trees trimmed. How often this is will depend on the types of trees you have on your property. 

Inspect Trees

Trees can get funguses and insects and some of these things can kill them. Because of this, inspect your trees periodically. If you see any trees losing a lot of bark this is a sign of problems.  If you see a lot of leaves that are dead or have holes in them, you likely have an insect-eating them. 

Some funguses that can kill a tree include canker sores, root rot, powdery mildew, sooty mold, heart rot, apple cab, and cedar tree rust. There are some funguses that do not kill trees but can still cause problems. These include dendrothele and aleurodiscus. These fungi do not invade the trees, but they can cause white patches on the trunk, which can affect the way they look. 

If you notice a problem with any tree, contact a tree aphorist or tree trimming service to take care of the problem. In some cases, they can treat a tree with dangerous funguses if taken care of quickly. 

Contact commercial tree trimming services to learn more. 

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