Subtle Signs Your Tree Should Be Trimmed

Homeowners often assume that if their trees need to be trimmed, it will be obvious. There will be long branches resting on the roof or there will be big cracks in the branches where they connect to the tree trunk. These are certainly signs that your tree should be trimmed. But they are not the only signs a tree needs trimming. Here are some other, more subtle signs your tree could use a trim. 

Spots on the leaves

Spots on the leaves usually indicate that a tree has a fungal infection. Ultimately, the tree may need to be sprayed with fungicides to get rid of the infection. However, the tree will also benefit from a trim. The trimmer can remove the branches with the leaves that are most affected. This will help prevent the fungal infection from spreading to the other branches, and also to nearby trees in the area.

Little, black cavities or wounds on some branches

Look closely at your tree's branches. Do you see some little, black cavities on the bark of some branches? These are known as cankers. They can be caused by a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases. Branches that have a lot of cankers will often die, eventually, because the wood becomes unable to pass moisture past the canker. A tree trimmer can remove those infected branches before they die, which can help prevent the spread of infection and minimize the damage long-term.

Crossing branches

Do some of the branches of your tree cross over one another? This may not seem like a big deal, but when the wind blows through, it will cause the branches to rub together. Eventually, the friction will cause damage to the bark, and that damage can be hard on the tree. It's a good idea to have the tree trimmer remove the crossed branches earlier when the tree has less damage.

Uneven shape

A tree with an uneven shape is not just unattractive. Over time, that uneven shape can become more exaggerated. The heaviness of the branches on one side may cause a large limb to snap or break. If you call a tree trimmer when you begin to notice the uneven shape, they can correct the tree's shape before this type of damage occurs.

Putting off tree trimming often leads to bigger problems later on. If you notice any of the above issues with your tree, contact a local tree service.

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